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No MC Piano Stories today, because the story is only one - tragic events in Ukraine

If there were only one thing in this world that has to be stopped and never repeated again - it should be a war

Grieving over the tragic events happening in Ukraine these days, and in a humble attempt to support our colleagues - piano artists - from Ukraine, the TOP 15 of MultiColored Piano playlist is filled with music written by Ukrainian born artists or the artists residing in this beautiful country.

Please do not just pass by... come and stream the tracks, follow the artists, put them in your own playlists - do everything to show them your appreciation and love for their art.

You can listen to this music in the MC Piano playlist, or you can jump directly into their profiles and check out other music they wrote.


Multicolored Piano is here:

Ukrainian pianists featured on TOP 15 in the MC Piano playlist & their profiles on Spotify:

  1. Yaroslav Molochnyk -

  2. GeNia -

  3. Oleksii Aleinikov -

  4. Claustrofile -

  5. Lesfm -

  6. Roman Grygoriv & Illia Razumeiko

  7. Valerii Vorona

  8. Inna Faliks -

  9. Alexei Surovykh -

  10. Vadim Bessarab Trio -

  11. Taras Baseev -

  12. Olexandr Ignatov -

  13. Relax Cafe Music BGM -

Listen to these wonderful piano pieces and let the force be with our Ukrainian friends


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