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what comes to your mind when your eyes get attracted to the Moonlight in this pitch black emptiness of an early morning sky?


it is her elegance, her magic, her graciousness and charm?

does the Moon take you to the unchartered lands of your imagination, making you hallucinate and travel through space and time? 🚀👽🪐


do you feel like in a lucid dream, awakening all of a sudden to the sounds of a very beautiful music which has never existed before and will forever vanish even before your alarm goes off? ⏰


does she carefully reveals your inner child, still looking out the window and dreaming of the golden kisses tenderly delivered by the waves of Moonlight?

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"La Promenade in Paris in the Moonlight"

I am taking you on a lonely walk across Paris - the city of love,

romance, adventures, and fun.

We will be moving from the quiet beauty of sleepy side streets into the lively area of Montmartre, I will walk you past grandiose Le Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, we will enjoy peaceful splashes of water at the shores of Seine, diverting to the Centre Pompidou to embrace the craziness of the nightlife - all this under the light of the Moon...


... once I was stranded in Paris with a friend with no money to spare for a couple of days. We discovered this city from its inner side, ran into adventures and met lots of great
people; and then we eventually had to come to la Place de Pompidou and play a guitar and a clarinet to make some money to get to the airport...


A promenade of love, Light, Adventures, Romance, and nostalgy

Crescent Moon
Ripped Cardboard

"Lullaby in the moonlight ("

is a an intimate, quiet and lulling solo-piano piece, replaying moments when all the daily conquers are over, the large world turns small in a room around you, busy streets of the cities are going quiet, the night’s veil is just about to fall on your tired eyes...

Ripped Cardboard

"Lullaby in the Sunshine )"

is featuring an array of styles and live instruments to develop the Lullaby story further: it's a humorous take on the idea of sleeping in a full daylight, when the world is at its peak of energy, rushing and loudly making its way to the evening; sun rays sneaking into your tightly closed eyes.

Crescent Moon

“Declaration of Love in the Moonlight” 

is a mystical and sensual solo piano piece, telling an intimate and moving love story, painted in the night colors: a confession in love while the moon shines its light upon the lovers

Swimming Sun

“Declaration of Love in the Sunshine” 

is an energetic and radiant tune, featuring an array of various styles and instruments to enhance the story further, transitioning it into the joy and brilliance of daytime.


The “Moonlight & Sunshine” album has an unconventional structure for the modern classics genre: every next release features 2 different versions of one motive, coming to life as a piano solo piece, interpreting a narrative in the moonlight, and a fully arranged piece, revealing the same story under the sunshine.

The album is evolving live on the major streaming platforms as a playlist (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and others), thereby gradually forming the full album as new pairs of tracks are released. The completion of the album “Moonlight and Sunshine” will take several months.



Bojan Stojanovic

Born in Niš, Serbia, Bojan graduated from music high school playing trumpet. He has been professionally involved in music since 1994. He plays in a popular Serbian "Creative band"



George Hartl

Born in Niš, Serbia, George started his music education at the age of 8, in the lower Music School in piano , but soon his passion for music  moved to drums. George has been performing with many bands in Serbia and abroad


Natalia Osenchakova


The magnificent artworks for the release have been generously provided by Natalia Osenchakova, a very talented artist and pianist from Hamburg, Germany.

The paintings have been inspired by the magical historical scenery from St-Petersburg, Russia.


Composer, arranger and producer from Serbia. He studied a clarinet and a saxophone, yet the guitar remains his main passion and the main instrument.


 Andrei Poliakov

Born in St Petersburg, Russia, Andrei graduated from the St Petersburg Conservatory and continued his musical carrier playing in many renowned classical orchestras and rock bands. His main passion and the instrument he has been with for all his life is piano. Andrei lives in Switzerland, Geneva


Wouter Kronenberg


Bass-player, singer, sound producer from the Netherlands. 30 years of stage experience brought together in just one set of ears: from very intimate singer-songwriters songs to the most challenging orchestral arrangements

Many thanks for reading this and hope you will enjoy the music!

Take care,


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