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MC Piano: TOP 10 compositions week of 17th of May

Once a week I am publishing the new additions highlights from my Spotify playlist "Multicolored Piano" which I have been curating for the past year

1. "The bird tearing out of a cage"

by Eguana from Russia.

A very beautiful piano performance in nostalgic mood.

2. "Remember when"

by Joel Grainger & Will Hyde from the UK.

An ambient, relaxing piece with piano, violin and subtle electronics.

3. "Over the Horizon"

by Marina Geller from Greece.

The music conjures up iridescent images of dreams and hopes. Its light style is conditioned by clear melodic lines and modal harmony.

4. "We are like stars"

by SAAH from Austria.

"We are like stars is a heartfelt contemporary classical solo piano piece, recorded during one full moon night"

5. "Solitude"

by Francisco Casarotti from Canada.

To have passed through life and never experienced solitude is to have never known oneself.

6. "Valentina"

by Michael Benedikt from Switzerland.

This is a piano piece dedicated to composer's daughter Valentina

7. "Walk with Me"

by Merrill Crissey from the United States and Johan Eckman from Sweden.

Highlights the collaboration between American piano player and composer Merrill Crissey and Swedish composer Johan Eckman

8. "Loneliness"

by Luis Paul from Germany.

This song describes the feeling of loneliness many people are experiencing. It came into existence on a lonely melancholic Saturday night in Pauls studio

9. "Remorse"

by Sacha Hoedemaker from the Netherlands.

A musical journey of the feeling of remorse; guilt, regret and sorrow. Embrace remorse. Learn. Grow.

10. "D.N.A."

by Keys to Motion from Sweden.

They usually compose music which is performed live for dancing. But now they decided to start to record some of their composition to allow the listener feel emotions and create their own fantasies during a 4 minute journey.

Listen to these are other beautiful tunes on Spotify in "Multicolored Piano" - updated daily with the creme de la creme from the freshest neoclassical artist from around the world:

Musically Yours,


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