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MultiColored Piano Stories: Welcome into 2022 🎹


We are used to receive some gifts in the end of the year, and your favorite playlist "Multicolored Piano" is not an exception - it has got the new clothes, new beautiful art cover that expresses its multicoloredness and beauty. I love it honestly!

By the way, there has been a bunch of last minute releases this week, and I decided to write up about the new listings just because they are so beautiful.

As always - read below or jump right into the music here:

1. "Lifeline of a Snowflake"

by Kjell Sønksen from Germany.

A very beautiful and tender piano composition, so topical and timely by this time of the year.

2. "2049"

by Dennis Korn and Bernd Schreiber from Germany

Dennis says:

"2049" is a Vision of the Year 2049, maybe it looks like and sounds like it

I recorded additional to my Leading Piano a fragile Cello and added some modern classical Athmosphere.

The Cover Photo is by an amazing Nature Photograph - this Pic inspired me to compose this Song - very melancholic but with a little hope...

3. "After Rain"

by Neil Foster from the UK

"After Rain" is a melancholy, atmospheric solo piano piece inspired by the work of the poet Edward Thomas and the final lines found handwritten in his pocket following his death in the Great War: 'Roads shining like river uphill after rain'. Composed, performed and produced by Neil Foster.

Neil Foster is a Composer, Multi-instrumentalist and Producer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His music spans ambient, classical and downtempo electronica. Neil's debut 'Hiraeth' was released in October 2018. His second album 'Stormlight', a blend of cinematic IDM, experimental classical and lyrical ambient, followed in 2021.

4. "Alone at the Drive-In"

by William Ogmundson from the US

This is a simple, melancholy piano solo composition, reminiscent of the 1950's.

William Ogmundson is an award-winning pianist, lyricist and composer. He has performed all over North America and Europe (including the Vatican) and released nine solo CDs to date. For more information, go to

5. "Il carillon"

by Virginio Aiello from Italy

This piece is called "Il carillon" in Italian language. Translated into English it means “The music box”. It is a sweet and gentle lullaby for Felt Piano. It is particularly suitable as a relaxing song for children. It is also a song reminiscent of The Christmas music box. It is a sweet piece that recalls the Christmas atmosphere. It is part of all my peaceful piano music production.

6. "Older"

by Andrew Land from the UK

This is the third track to be released from Andrew's forthcoming EP, Life From Afar.

Andrew Land is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer, born and raised in Yorkshire and currently based in the Midlands, UK.

Classically trained through his youth, Land moved away from his training to focus on self-taught more contemporary music, before ultimately combining the two to form the works heard today.

2021 promises to be a big year for Land, with forthcoming singles and debut album already slated for release early in the year, and an expanding catalogue of work being constantly being prepared to follow this up and keep momentum about this exciting new artist growing.

7. "Fade"

by Eric Heitmann from the US.

Mysterious neoclassical piano piece by Eric Heitmann...Tells the story of a your fading into nonexistence, but leaving behind hopeful memories

Originally trained in classical piano, Eric now writes cinematic, ambient, and electronic compositions. His pieces are influenced by epic film composers, such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and James Horner.

After graduating with a degree in Public Policy from Stanford University, Eric went on to play nine seasons in the NFL for the San Francisco 49ers. He now resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife and two daughters.

8. "Reflections"

by Anna B May from Russia

"Reflections" is a single from Anna's upcoming EP "Piano Stories" which features solo piano and slightly neo-classical piano pieces.

Anna B May is a music composer/producer born and raised in Russia, where she also studied classical piano and music theory. She is currently residing in Hong Kong.

Being concentrated on mainly instrumental music that tells a story and shares the emotion, Anna enjoys combining classical routes with modern electronic sounds. Sometimes she is experimenting with blending different styles to get the exact sounds she wants to create.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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