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MultiColored Piano Stories: the very first week of 2022 🎹

The first week of January 2022 has brought us a lot of absolutely stunning music and it is very satisfying to share it here.

As always - read below or jump right into the music here:

1. "Sweet Dreams, Ava Grace"

by Stephen Weber from the US.

Sweet Dreams, Ava Grace is a modern classical composition written and performed by Stephen Weber, pianist and Professor of Music based in Oklahoma, United States. The tune is dedicated to Stephen's granddaughter Ava Grace. It's an emotional tune with a calm and peaceful vibe, featuring the soft sound of the felted piano.

2. "Last Call"

by Henri Bentley from Canada and Abbey Alan Anderson from the US

"Last Call" is the collaborative effort between Henri Bentley and Abby Alan Anderson.

It’s a beautiful and nostalgic solo piano piece that was inspired by those long, hard days of travel where all one can think about is spending the last few hours in conversation with their special someone.

Whether it’s sharing the days highs and lows, or simply being present to one another, this last call is the most important one of the day.

Henri Bentley is a moniker by Cory Alstad (Alstad), whose music is in the neoclassical genre featuring mainly piano.

3. "I Remember"

by Melany Thompson from Australia

'I Remember' is a soft piano and cello piece, written last year as Melany took a moment to reflect on childhood.

Innocence, simpler times, old hopes and dreams, it is designed to take the listener on their own trip down memory lane but the piece leaves you with the feeling there is potentially still so much more to come.

Melany Thompson is a pianist and composer from Sydney, Australia. Classically trained as a child from the age of 4, Melany had the honour of performing at the famous Sydney Opera House at the age of 12 and started writing her own music soon after. Melany has returned to her passion later in life, recording her debut album 'Memories of Home' in 2019. Described as 'hauntingly beautiful', her music is moody, evocative and serene.

4. "Memories"

by Pascal Vogt from Germany

"Memories" is the new neoclassical piano piece by Pascal Vogt, Musician from Germany with a full range of own music - from instrumental to German pop-music but also English pop-music!

5. "Treadmills"

by Jonny Southard from the UK

Jonny Southard is a modern classical composer based in London, UK. He began learning piano at age 6 and has studied composition to Masters level.

Jonny's music can be described as that which "moves, inspires and invigorates" the listener. Drawing from the ambience of film soundtracks and the elegance of impressionism, the composer combines the two sound worlds in a modern framework. Complementing this, a warm aura of English folk drives many of the harmonies, inspired by the composer's rural English upbringing.

Overall, the underlying tone is often dark and melancholic, yet the melodies that run parallel are memorable, comforting and distinguished, sensitively moving the listener as they embark on a rich and restorative journey.

6. "Moments"

by Luis Paul from Germany

This song describes the most important and unforgettable moments and impressions of life, which can often trigger very different emotions, depending on the point of view.

You can look at them with heavy feelings and melancholy, or maybe with gratitude and lightness. With this song Paul captured these various emotions.

Hopefully it takes you on a journey to the most beautiful places of your memories. But maybe the most beautiful moment is right now.

7. "Magical Life"

by Pavel Szabo from Czech Republic.

Magical Life is inspired by the diversity of the beautiful life on Earth.

From the simplest organisms at the bottom of the ocean through dense jungle filled of all kinds of animals and plants. The graduating middle part of the song is a shout of warning to humanity to preserve this diversity and to protect the precious life.

Pavel Szabo is a musician and composer based in the Czech Republic. He is continually approaching the creation of music with an overtone of calming, minimal and peaceful sounds. Each piano miniature is aimed at an appropriate feeling or moment in time; the wish to focus, daydream, to read, think or reflect on life.

In recent years, Pavel has composed several dozen piano miniatures, which he gradually intends to publish. His future horizons include that of fusion world music and orchestral music.

8. "Seul"

by Mikael Oterhals from Sweden

This is a calm, relaxing and touching piano solo song in the neoclassical genre. It is a tribute to Mikael's beloved Grandfather whom he lost a couple of months ago..

Mikael says:

I'm a classical pianist and composer located in Stockholm, Sweden. I've studied classical music, jazz music and composition for several years which resulted in composing mostly neoclassical music, but with influence from other styles as well, such as pop music and jazz music.

9. "Nostalgia"

by Burak Kahraman from the UK

Burak Kahraman is a London based Turkish multi-instrumentalist composer and producer.

As a composer he worked on many short films, TV documentaries and ad campaigns. He is the owner of Sync Booth Music which has been providing music for media since 2012. He scored the ad campaigns of global brands such as Coca Cola, Vodafone, EE, Hyundai, Nescafe, Turkcell and more. As an arranger and producer he has been working with many artists and bands with various genres and backgrounds.

His musical journey started with classical guitar education when he was 12. Then the teenage years brought the enthusiasm for rock/metal. He was the official band member of the metal bands Neverland, Timesailor and Dreamtone between the years of 2001 and 2011. He released many albums, did tours, had countless gigs and opened for big shots like Dream Theater, Opeth, Blind Guardian, Jon Oliva’s Pain and Anathema.

In 2008 Burak scored his first TV documentary for TRT. He got more and more scoring work in the following years and his passion for writing music to moving images increased. In 2011, he decided to move to London to pursue this career. He did his Masters Degree on Composing for Film and TV at Kingston University. One year later he started to work as a media composer at his own Sync Booth Music. Since then, he has been working in many projects as composer, arranger and producer.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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