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MultiColored Piano Stories: the second week of 2022 🎹

Hey all!

As some of you know, I have recently been releasing my music on a very cool label called Yellow Rose Records. It is a team of very friendly and professional people who are kindly helping us, independent artists, to be heard in this tiny little world, once we release our music.

And lately the Yellow Rose team has released a number of absolutely gorgeous tunes performed by various artists, so I included these into Multicolored Piano playlist and decided to dedicate this blog post exclusively to the releases of this label.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

As always - read below or jump right into the music here:


by Andrei Poliakov from Switzerland (yey it's me here).

What do you do during a calm and quiet Winter Sunday?

Have a stroll in the frozen forest, childishly hopping on a bike and making a few awkward turns and slips, enjoying the peaceful but somehow stately nature around you?

Or maybe curl up on a sofa at home, looking out the window holding a cup of hot chocolate in your hands, and breathing onto the frozen window behind which the big, cozy, while feathers are soaring mindlessly in the winter air?

Or put some calm and slightly melancholic piano music on a turntable, and close your eyes, and dream away for the entire morning?

Enjoy this calm and serene music and maybe you will also enjoy the video I shot just a week ago nearby my house -

2. "La Luz"

by Julie Hanney from the US.

La Luz is a Modern Classical solo piano tune composed and performed by Julie Hanney, an American pianist, and composer from the Pacific Northwest.

It's a calm and soothing tune with an emotional vibe.

3. "The Decline"

by Gregory Paul Mineeff from Australia

The Decline is a Modern Classical solo piano composition written and performed by Gregory Paul Mineeff, a pianist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from Wollongong, Australia.

It's a dark and somber tune performed on a felt piano.

4. "Up Until The End"

by Anté Svircic from the US

Up Until the End is a Modern Classical double single by Anté Svircic, a Croatian-born multi-instrumentalist and composer living in the United States.

It features a full version of the tune as well as a solo piano version. It's a romantic neoclassical tune with a cinematic touch.

5. "Winter Days"

by G. Will-K from Germany

Winter Days is a solo piano tune composed and performed by G. Will-K. (Gabi Will-Kienlein), German contemporary composer, classically trained pianist, and ukulele player.

The tune has a melancholic and somber character depicting the mood of short and cold winter days.

6. "January"

by Andrea Sertori from Italy

January is a solo piano tune composed and performed by Andrea Sertori, an Italian pianist, composer of instrumental music, producer, and keyboardist.

It's a positive and inspiring tune with the lush sound of the soft piano. The tune is inspired by idyllic winter scenery and the month of January.

7. "Fall Train"

by Antonija Pacek from Croatia

Fall Train is a Modern Classical tune composed and recorded by Antonija Pacek, a native Croatian/Austrian neoclassical composer and pianist.

It's an emotive and reflective piano composition with a romantic and vintage vibe.

8. "Fatigue"

by Elias Braun and Matt Tondut from Australia.

Fatigue is the stunning piano composition from Elias Braun and Matt Tondut.

Capturing the moments of the tired when eye lids are too heavy to hold open, the track is delicate and entirely beautiful.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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