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MC Piano: TOP 10 compositions week of 7th of June

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Multicolored Piano 3rd edition: the best of the best of the neoclassical piano world!

1. "Opaque"

by Holly Jones from the US. 'Opaque' is a sultry felt piano piece inspired by those periods of transition, that can lead to clarity and enlightenment..

2. "Floating Schubert"

by The OhOhOhs from Germany. Coming from Techno music, the musicians have gone the way of playing the ‘wildest’ electronic music on their analogue instruments.

3. "A Dream That Never Ends"

by Jordi Forniés from Spain. This intimate and simply gorgeous composition is inspired by so many beautiful classical soundtracks.

4. "For Ivey"

by Josh Warren from the US. Josh wrote this song for his girlfriend when she was away from home. The music evokes longing, love, and the simple pain and joy of missing someone deeply.

5. "Breathe A Bit More"

by Mircadia from the US. Music from midwest friends, remotely writing together. One with the composition, another with the performance.

6. "Years From Now"

by Jeff Blank from the US. This is an original solo piano track inspired by the poem 'Years From Now' by Shel Silverstein

7. "Many A Morning"

by Ron Verboom from the Netherlands. A mesmerizing and dreamy piece consisting of mainly piano and cello. It's the lead track from his 3rd EP 'Frozen in Time'. The song's message is that every new day is a gift and that we should be thankful for every new day we encounter

8. "Oscuro"

by Vicente Avella from the US. Oscuro explores a world of darkness and shadows. This is the sixth release of a series of compositions that revolve around the physics of light

9. "Guardians of Old"

by Eric Heitmann from the US. A gorgeous Celtic Orchestral Piece with harmonizing Piano, Cello, Bagpipes, and whistle phrases

10. "Leaving"

by Floodplain from Canada. A song of parting and departing. This instrumental was inspired by the moments and words we share with loved ones we have to leave behind, with the knowledge that our return is uncertain. A farewell at a train station, a lingering embrace at the airport, or watching a slow departure down a long dusty driveway... this song is all about the leaving, and those we leave behind.

Listen to these and other excellent piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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