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MC Piano: TOP 10 compositions week of 24th of May

Multicolored Piano 2nd edition: the creme de la creme of the modern piano world!

1. "Fallen Leaves"

by "Burning Heart" from Japan.

It is about a silence of life, solitude, thinking of a meaning of life and a existence of myself

2. "The road ahead"

by "Project Kronos" from Canada.

A new soft solo piano track with an intimate close felt piano, very beautiful!

3. "For the Beginning of Adventures"

by Commoners Communion from New Zealand and Jonathan Class from the USA.

Soft, piano driven instrumental written for meditation and contemplation

4. "A Piece Of You Is In Everything"

by Chris Cribb from the USA.

When you truly love someone, it’s easy to see them in everything. The entire piece is based around one single, pulsing note. That note representing the person the artist loves.

5. "Hope Grows"

by Biggi Hilmars from Iceland.

The music is a dynamic affair between lush piano melodies and pristine string arrangements. The piece encapsulates the unique and timeless elements of Biggi’s signature sound.

6. "Flow State"

by "Leeps" from Norway.

Morricone style piano tune, very beautiful and nostalgic

7. "Moving Forward"

by Clarico from Canada.

This is the third release from Canadian duo, Clarico, a cinematic chill project that features Alstad (piano) and Trevor Hewer (orchestration/programming). It was written in the first number of months after Covid 19 hit the world, and reflects some of the emotions that were felt at that time; how will this story end? Is there still hope? How will we have all changed because of this?

8. "Even as the Light Fades"

by Rose Riebl from Australia.

Immediately engrossing and arresting, Rose's final single for piano and cello before her album drops in June. Rose is one of Australia's most exciting up and coming neoclassical artists

9. "The 2:15 to Solitude"

by David Marlow from Germany.

The song is introduced and interspersed with train and station sounds. The image of someone sitting in a train carriage thinking melancholy and whistful thoughts (about parting with a loved one maybe) inspired the composer to write this meditative piece

10. "Ypres Hills"

by Thomas Genbergh from Belgium.

Calm piano music inspired by the fallen soldiers in flanders fields.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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