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MC Piano: TOP 10 compositions week of 14th of June

Multicolored Piano 5th edition: what a week, and what a brilliant set of tracks has it brought us! Let's dive right in:

1. "In Search of Lost Time"

by "Mirla" from Australia.

The work is a classically influenced piece of Australiana folk music, it speaks to the longing for a lost-love and a metaphysical connnection between lovers separated by circumstance, space and time. A dream-like lament; tinged in sorrow the music expresses a hopeful return to a lovers embrace as 2 violas and a piano circle in a tender dance.

2. "Drop"

by "Christoph Eisinger" from Germany.

When a drop enters the ocean, it is still there and no longer there at the same time. The ocean-themed piece "Drop", released in the vicinity of the World Oceans Day 2021, is actually about the source of religious sentiment. At the beginning of his book “Civilization and its discontents”, Sigmund Freud writes about the oceanic feeling that seems to be the root of the spirituality of many people, a sensation of eternity, a feeling of something limitless, unbounded. “Drop” explores the nature of this oceanic feeling and asks whether it is even possible to achieve it if you don't already have it.

3. "Humanity is one"

by Johan Eckman from Sweden.

A little jazzy tune. Performed by Johan Eckman and composed by Swedish jazz legend Lars Jansson.

4. "Falling Upwards"

by Henri Bentley from Canada.

"Falling Upwards" is the latest release by Henri Bentley and is a gentle and reflective piano solo, based on the book by the same title by the author Richard Rohr.

5. "Carlo's Lullaby"

by Nolan Khan from Germany.

'Carlo's Lullaby' was written for Nolan's friend's newborn so he will have his own personal lullaby to fall asleep to.

6. "Open Fields"

by Adrien de la Salle from France & Francois Mathian from Australia.

Open Fields is a modern and emotive neoclassical piece for piano and string ensemble, and the first collaboration between pianist Adrien de la Salle and violinist Francois Mathian. It has been meticulously recorded in studio with several violin and viola layers to create the desired sound textures.

7. "In Foreign Lands"

by Jaime Cid from Chili.

Jaime printed this piece with the emotions he gets when he is in a new place, specially in the wilderness. Jaime wanted to represent exotic colors, so on top of the piano he added a layer of sound design, twisting its traditional sound into a space for itself to live in.

8. "Journey of the Soul"

by Kevin Orbis from Germany.

A spiritual piece that depicts the inner processes of adolescence and growth. It develops dynamically towards the end.

9. "A Magical Journey"

by Luis Paul from Germany.

This song takes you on a magical journey through the power and beauty of nature. While writing it, Luis imagined beautiful landscapes, the wildlife and a wonderful sunrise in the early morning. As the song progresses, it becomes more dense and intense with percussion and strings. I hope it triggers your fantasy and imagination so it can become your soundtrack of life.

10. "Canopy Of Stars"

by Cabin Fever Orchestra from Canada.

Cabin Fever Orchestra, while often considered “classical” in instrumentation, also draws inspiration from the generation of film and tv composers he has been a part of. Cabin Fever Orchestra intends to breathe new life into music with a similar instrumentation.

Cabin Fever Orchestra’s new single, “Canopy Of Stars,” is a haunting instrumental lullaby, filled with a sense of mystery and awe. This track is a collaboration between Graeme, Grammy-nominated violinist Drew Jurecka (Dua Lipa), and the renowned producer and performer Joshua Van Tassel (Great Lake Swimmers, Donovan Woods).

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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