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MC Piano: Selected TOP10 compositions week of 21st of June

Multicolored Piano 6th edition: the summer has started on a very high note, bringing the best of the best in piano music world into the Multicolored piano playlist. Dive right in:

1. "Waterdrops"

by "Piano Passion" from Germany.

A gentle and simple, yet emotive score, picturing a rainy day and water drops falling down slowly by Frederic Bernard

2. "A Train Ride"

by Timo Zobel from Germany.

A nice little train ride through the countryside, looking out of the window pondering about the nicer things in life. That's the vibe 'A Train Ride' will give you. :)

3. "Waves"

by Michael Logozar from the United States.

A gentle, mysterious felted piano piece.

4. "Trece"

by Iñaki García from Spain.

For Iñaki this song is a soundtrack free of images and words so that the listener can be free to fill it with whatever he or she feels at that moment

5. "Just"

by Dan Schrage from the United States.

A tribute to Dan's late brother (a soldier, father, among many other things). Dan returned to the piano in late 2020 after his brother's passing & wrote this piece - the lead single on his upcoming (July) felt piano album "Being in Time". The other pieces followed from a similar place, & serve as a kind of expression of Dan's first experience with true loss, the grieving process, & ultimately trying to make sense out of this thing, which ironically feels so utterly unnatural. Recorded in the living room of their family home.

6. "Beautiful Mystery"

by MRTU & Ivernormuire from New Zealand.

MRTU & Ivernormuire are a group of musician who try to create different sound and genre for the listener to have unique & pleasant experience.

7. "aura"

by Raffaele Grimaldi from Italy.

“aura” is the second single from the album "icon song/s" (out on October 29, 2021). It is an extremely essential composition in the rhythmic and formal structure, whose melody is built on modern harmonies with an almost peaceful style

8. "Lacrymosa (Reimagined)"

by Piano Hands: Juliette Pochin & James Morgan from the UK.

Lacrymosa Reimagined takes Mozart's famous Lacrymosa from his Requiem and expands the initial theme into a haunting, meditative piano duet

9. "Yonder"

by Sacha Hoedemaker from the Netherlands.

Yonder is a soothing piece is a hopeful glance at the future unknown. Dream away with the delicate piano sounds of Sacha Hoedemake

10. "Fractions (After Hours)"

by Juniper Vale from the United States and Ben Laver from the UK.

Juniper Vale partnered with composer Ben Laver to create instrumental renditions of all her most popular songs for the explicit purpose of sleep music.

Ben Laver is a UK composer whose music can be heard in dozens of high profile brand campaigns and TV shows including Lego, Gucci, and Porsche. Juniper Vale has had big success online in the last few years receiving over 40 million streams so far.

Together they have created something useful, peaceful, and magical for fans!

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good week to everyone! andrei

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