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MC Piano: Selected compositions week of 28th of June

Multicolored Piano 7th edition: okay, I was totally flabbergasted by the sheer amount of beautiful music I had a pleasure to be exposed to. Read further on or dive right into the music:

1. "Mirages in the Sunshine"

by Andrei Poliakov from Switzerland (yes it's me again...)

A stunning duet of Armenian Duduk and a Piano in a gorgeous, psychedelic elegy by Andrei Poliakov, fusing the New wave and World music genres. It is accompanied by a very funny cartoon that I would like everybody to have a glance at:

2. "St Michelle"

by GéNIA from the UK.

St Michelle’ is dedicated to the old village St. Michelle D’Euzet, where GéNIA used to spend almost every summer in the house of her wonderful god-mother, and her husband, the composer David Mindell. The house was full of interesting people and instruments. During summer soiriées, GéNIA met many interesting people and gave concerts. Surrounded by beautiful nature and food, it is one of her favourite places to visit in France.

3. "First Steps"

by Yorgos Karagiannis from Greece

I really wanted you to get to know this Greek pianist and composer, whose works always leave me speechless. He is a mathematician, Composer and Writer. Working as a Math, Music and Guitar Teacher for the last 15 years he has prepared thousands of students age 16-20 for their school, national exams and university. Yorgos has been awarded on many world composition competitions such as Maurice Ravel, Great American Song Contest, Film Music Contest. He also published three music books and five classical music albums. On top of this, he is an active

scientist in the field of mathematics and music.

First Steps comes from his latest album for solo piano, a classical film music composition! Enjoy!

4. "Trent Island"

by Grégoire Jokic from France.

Grégoire Jokic is a french pianist and composer who has just released his first album Kairos, available on all streaming platforms

5. "The Fall"

by Dan Schrage from the United States.

A very beautiful work from Dan is featuring a string ensemble, an oboe and a piano: a hypnotic, Peter Gabriel leaning vibe doesn't leave a listener untouched and unmoved. Very beautiful.

6. "Free/alone"

by Matthias Bakker from South Africa.

Very beautiful composition with a string ensemble accompanying a soft piano.

7. "Stand On 2 Feet"

by Tiago J. Cunha from Portugal.

This single is composed for prepared piano and field recordings - commanded by the movement of walking and running through the city. It's a very multicolored composition ;)

8. "Deep Blue"

by Arelius from the UK.

Arelius is a classical piano project heralded by grammy nominated composer Wayne Wilkins. Wayne grew up in the UK and his music career has brought him now to Los Angeles. This is his 6th piano focused EP.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday evening to everyone! andrei

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