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MC Piano News: week of 6th of September

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Okay another week is gone, and it left us with nothing but memories and a lot of good music. Let's check it out:

As always: read on below or dive right into the music here:

1. "Melodi i fiss"

by Vinterhage from Norway.

Melodi i fiss (Melody in F-sharp)

"...This song came about after my father passed away. It's dedicated to him. The title is inspired by Anton Rubenstein piece “Melody in F”. My father played it beautifully..."

Vinterhage is a Norwegian ensemble playing the music of jazz pianist and composer Gunvald Andreas Hagen. The group was founded in 2017 in connection with a concert at Sandnes municipality culture school where three of the members work as music teachers. Drummer Johannes Ulveraker first join in correlation with the recording of “Før nå ettepå” in March of 2020.

2. "Family"

by Luca Fattoretto from Italy.

This music is about returning home after a long time and past memories with all the changes that have occurred in the meantime.

Luca Fattoretto is an Italian Venetian composer musician born in 1964.

He studied at the conservatories of Padua and Castelfranco under the guidance of the masters Adriano Lincetto and Massimo Somenzi.

In his career he is confronted with various musical genres ranging from Jazz to pop.

After having composed with Sara Righetto the music for the theatrical show "Romeo and Juliet The musical" which will bring him in touneè in 2014 in Morocco, now he mainly deals with neo-classical / cinematic music for piano.

3. "Around Me"

by Gianluca Piacenza from Italy

"Imagine to wake up in an unknown but somehow familiar place, a foot into the past and one into the future...."

This is a neoclassical tune with little pop harmonic elements. Peaceful, romantic and atmospheric with some melancholic shades.

Gianluca Piacenza is an italian composer, pianist and sound designer.

After 2 year of private piano lessons when he was 6 years old, he began studying music at his hometown conservatory graduating with full marks in Classical Piano and Composition.

Today he works as music producer at Red Couch Studio, an inspirational space in which analog and digital equipment, acoustic and electronic instruments are equally important to develop a unique sonic signature.

4. "The Dancer"

by John William Richard from the UK

Often things come full circle. As a child John William Richard’s love affair with music began as a classically trained musician, with hours spent studying both the piano and cello. However a lifetime has been spent elsewhere, from, amongst other things, fronting a new romantic group, managing artists, starting a label and running a nightclub. With the release of his debut album, Song for a Ghost, this November, John William Richard returns to the rigour of the Classical tradition, mixing that with flashes of contemporary electronica, creating something that is both intimate and breathtakingly cinematic.

“I think in film images when I write and as the world comes into focus the scene emerges and the internal director takes over. But really it was not until the tracks started coming that I got more confident in how it might work out. The title track, Song For A Ghost, however gave me the key to unlock the vision of an album based on memories from various childhoods mixed with a cinematic imagining of their performance. As the recording developed, the more focussed these all became”

5. "Infinite Conclusions"

by Danny Keane from the UK

‘’This track represents the times when the tried and tested constructs of everyday life are challenged.

Numerous outcomes are presented, but sometimes it’s unclear as to which is the resolution. Nevertheless we keep striving to find an answer, harnessing that unique human ability to constantly think creatively, in order manoeuvre our way through situations we may find overwhelming.

Often, just when we feel we’re on the right track, we are thrown off again into the abyss, forcing us to think again. These ‘Infinite Conclusions’ are the very thing that makes us rich in our endeavours and progressive in our thoughts’’.

6. "Gleam"

by Infralyd from Denmark.

Captivated by soothing melodies, spheric soundscapes, and fragile compositions, the Danish musician Infralyd operates within the realm of electronic minimalism, combining the structural elements of electronic music with the space and vulnerability of ambient and neoclassical music.

The organic sound of Infralyd is the result of a daydreaming mind attracted to calm and beautiful things. A traditional Scandinavian upbringing alongside a deep fascination with natural phenomena and a tendency to linger in his thoughts are key aspects of Infralyd’s universe. All this coalesces into melancholic and atmospheric compositions while conveying a sense of familiarity, comfort and warmth.

7. "Tout Doucement"

by Francois Mathian from Australia

Francois Mathian is a contemporary composer and violinist. His music shines the light on organic instruments, in particular solo strings (both acoustic and electric), by supporting them with modern sounds and arrangements. From classical violin & piano pieces released here to purely electronic genres (released under Fransoafran), the common musical ground is a vibrant sound supported by melodies designed to create a highly sensory experience and connect straight to the soul.

Inspired to learn piano and violin at an early age by his mother who was a violinist and a science professor, he grew a taste for performing, creating and improvising music. Being trained professionally as both a musician and a scientist gave him a balance of emotional and analytical perspectives. After a classical training, he toured and recorded for several years in France, then moved to Australia to release his own music, and also compose music for soundtracks and commercials.

I recently have been increasingly drawn to the piano as a main composing vehicle to express a calmer emotion. This song was recorded on a large upright felt piano to capture the emotional, intimate and tender tones of a gentle sunrise.

8. "Drive Me to Everywhere"

by Holly Jones and Helen Green from the US.

This is a feel-good, peaceful solo piano tune that can take the listener virtually wherever in the world they wish to go.

Award-winning American pianist/composer Holly Jones’s contemporary classical compositions are described as reverent and transcendent, welcoming her audiences into a state of receptive calm.

From her earliest of years, she has sought the answers to the deeper questions of life and has discovered music to be the setting in which time stands still and answers are revealed. She derives her inspiration from insight into the everyday mundane and seeks wisdom in the quiet in which she "clears the debris" of the mind, bringing clarity to her world.

Born in western Kentucky, Holly began studying violin at age three, piano at eight, and composing at nine. Her training includes many years of private study, as well as piano and composition study at Indiana University.

As a physical therapist, Holly has an inherent understanding of the healing power of music and is committed to creating pieces that are “good for the neurology.”

9. "Lampadaire (remasterisé)"

by Mathieu Bourret from Canada

In a moment of silence, where turbulence sleeps, the lampposts trace a privileged path for the nocturnal creator. Even a tarred floor becomes poetic under a nocturnal halo where the rain illuminates and dances.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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