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MC Piano News: week of 4th of October

I have been really enjoying the latest compositions released over a last couple of weeks.

Besides, autumn is coming, meaning a mood changing to more nostalgic and mellow, and of course not forgetting about Halloween music - which is coming in abundance these days.

All these changes do not impact only one thing: the quality and the beauty of the music in the Multicolored Piano playlist. So without further due, let's get to it.

As always: read on below or dive right into the music here:

1. "I Felt"

by Andrei Poliakov from Switzerland (it's me again!!)

In this dynamic, aggressive, and everchanging world there is little space to stop, breathe, and contemplate. Our feelings and emotions get suppressed and hidden while our most deep and intimate thoughts vanish before reaching the edge of our consciousness.

The sounds of a felted piano awake our inner self giving us this breathing space - so we recognize our feelings, contemplate the beauty of the outside world, and enjoy the freedom inside ourselves

I Felt is a calm and peaceful piano music with sparse ambient elements - to help you relax and enjoy this wonderful world around us!

I am inviting you to enjoy a music video made for this release: my daughter dances to it so beautifully! Here it is:

2. "Noirabesque"

by Federico Ferrandina from Italy.

Arabesque: a pattern of curving lines layered with intertwined elements, like vines and leaves, and abstract forms that don't resemble anything found in nature

As an art element, the Arabesque is found in both Islamic and and in European art, creating a journey through cultures and ages.

In this music the Arabesque passage ventures into a dark Mediterranean seascape, where sailors resort to stars and myths to overcome disorientation.

Italian music artist: composer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer. Born in a family of classical musicians, such a heritage always got paired with an irrepressible hunger for non-classical musical galaxies and for non-musical disciplines like literature, modern dance and sociology. His production gained attention in the entertainment industry, and many of his works are currently part of some of the major movies and TV shows soundtracks, such as the multi-Oscar winner Dallas Buyers Club or productions like Netflix, ABC HBO and NCB tv shows. In 2017 he founded a strings orchestra in his hometown Matera, which records and performs original music in an ancient theatre carved in the stone and acoustically treated in order to get recordings that sound like nothing else.

3. "The King"

by Jordi Forniés from Spain

This is another piece that Jordi interpreted together with the amazing Štěpán Švestka at the cello. The King is a composition that tells a story of being loved and rejected, a path to follow dreams and achieve them.

Jordi Forniés is a Spanish musician, composer, and visual artist based in Singapore. His works are characterised by a continuum between tender overarching refrains and defined sequences with increasing momentum.

Always contemplative and expansive in nature, his compositions draw on neoclassical and ambient electronic music. Forniés composes for piano, strings, and small ensembles, working with studio recordings alongside electronic elements.

His first album Loudly Quiet will be released in 2021 together with his forthcoming solo exhibition under the same name. The album is a hopeful and poignant collection of compositions for piano and strings which each focus around an individual story or transient moment.

4. "Letting You Go"

by Alstad from Canada

Letting You Go is the latest piano solo release by Alstad and was written after experiencing the loss of relationship with a loved one.

Even though it was filled with heartache and pain, there was also a sense of peace that quietly permeated the entire experience.

This song is about the importance of releasing our grip we often have with our loved ones; the necessity of letting them go.

Alstad is a pianist/composer from Langley, BC, Canada whose music has been featured on radio and television, both nationally and internationally. His musical style is instrumental contemporary classical, featuring the piano.

5. "June"

by Saah from Austria

"june" is a soft but strong neoclassical solo piano piece. It invites the listener to let things go, she stands for birth, new beginning, something new...

June takes us on a journey with ease and optimism, let´s drift...

I am SAAH and I love to play piano and compose heartfelt contemporary classical songs.

thank you for listening.

6. "Continuum"

by Michael Logozar from the US

Continuum is a gently haunting string and piano track.

Michael Logozar is a Canadian born composer and producer based in the Nashville, TN area. He is a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist whose work spans a broad range of cinematic and focus music including modern and post classical, ambient, minimal and post rock.

His solo piano work has garnered him 6 album of the year nominations at Whisperings Radio and his multi-instrumental work has been featured in film and television networks such as TLC, Discovery, National Geographic and the History Channel, and in shows such as America's Got Talent, Oprah and X-Factor.

7. "Les Feuilles en Automne"

by Louis Mercier from France.

Louis says:

"This one is for my favourite season of the year: Fall. In the first part of the piece you hear the leaves falling gently, the second part has a little more movement in the left hand, illustrating more and more leaves softly falling to the ground. It's quite simple but works pretty well I feel"

8. "A Sign of Life"

by Lola Astanova from the US

A new original composition by Lola Aslanova from her critically acclaimed new album Love in the Time of COVID produced by Julio Reyes Copello.

9. "Unrevealed"

by Harris Procopiou from Switzerland.

Piano song written during an unrevealed mystery that happened to me two months ago. I wanted to make a song about this bizarre and beautiful experience.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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