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MC Piano News: week of 30th of August

Well this morning has definitely been super inspiring to write about music. A cohort of modern classical composers again and again surprised me with their inventiveness, talent, and passion for Creation.

As always: read on below or dive right into the music here:

1. "Midnight Sun"

by Heather Shannon from Australia.

This is truly a contemporary classical tune, very much Debussy-like, with sparse, scattered rays of light thrown on the piano keyboard. The play of harmonics is very enticing here as well, mimicking this weird picture in our minds - a Sun during the Midnight.

Heather says:

"Midnight Sun is the third, and title track, from the forthcoming album. It has a pensive mood and tries to capture the sun filled nights in Ísafjörður where it was written. I hope it can offer a moment of calm if needed"

Heather Shannon is best known for her work as one quarter of internationally renowned independent rock band, The Jezabels. Shannon has spent most the past decade writing and recording award winning albums and performing in venues such as The Sydney Opera House, The O2 Arena (London), Webster Hall (New York) and at festivals such as Lollapalooza (Chicago), and Glastonbury (UK).

Recently, however, Heather has moved into other areas of composition. Following a 2017 placement in the Nes Artist Residency in the north of Iceland, in 2018 she scored her second Feature Film and her chamber piece Study in Morbid Fragments was performed by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra at the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre. In 2019, Heather is honoured to have two of her works – Ricochet& Ricochet From A Distance- performed by the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

2. "Urban Solitude"

by Steve Barakatt from Canada.

I really loved the mood here, and the way Steve intertwined two themes here: a somewhat lonely vibe of a person lost in a big city, with the music of the city - I would dare to say this theme bringing a bit of the 80s TV series vibe. Very interesting melange, and as always, great work with harmonic structure. This is a single from Steve's latest album Néoréalité.

Steve says:

"This composition combines amazing colours and a unique melodic signature that made this award-winning musician so appreciated.

Steve Barakatt's most recent work is presented as a living fresco that leaves the audience in an introspective mindset. Evoking the fragility of life, the uncertainty caused by our environment or the anguish of losing what is most precious to us,"

3. "Tonitrua"

by Leon Tomic from Austria

Ohhhh this is so cool - and I have to be honest, the main theme reminds me of a song I have heard a really long time ago. You know how this happens - I will now be going around with this melody stuck in my head trying to remember what is the song I got reminded of...

It brings a tint of nostalgy, at least to my ears. Really liked this one, bravo Leon!

4. "Dans La Pluie"

by Daniel Hubert from Austria

Dans la pluie means " under the rain" in French. It is an absolutely mezmerising to see how Daniel managed to keep a somewhat playful vibe of a rain that is hammering on a pavement, and at the same time he brings a pensive and tender melody - as if a person is standing right in the rain, not really noticing it, thinking of their own day...

Daniel says:

"A very moody piano-piece. Close your eyes and listen to the raindrops pouring down on my piano. Perfect for those days when you feel the summer´s coming to an end and you enjoy staying at home with a good cup of tea and a fine book..."

5. "We Had It All"

by Peter Belec from Canada!

A very nice, calm, and pensive composition played on a felted piano. This is what we all need in this crazy world today - pause, think, and enjoy the beauty around us. A simple melody gets right into our hearts without making any wounds, and leave a trace of tranquility, peace, and a cozy joy.

‘We had it all’ was written as a lament for humankind. The piece is about the precious and beautiful moments in time, perceived through the lens of someone who has seen our potentially doomed future.

6. "Basilikum"

by Lucas Forch from Denmark.

Absolutely hypnotic movement in the left hand creates almost a perpetuum mobile feeling, which supports development of a beautiful and tender melody that stands out really well thanks to it harmonic inconsistency - a very cool major-minor combination.

Lucas Forch has through several years been working as house-pianist at the Copenhagen based Enghave Church, and been composing music by the side for even more years. However, it was first in the year of 2021 that the now 29-year-old piano player has started his journey by releasing his soulful piano pieces.

7. "Luminous"

by Lucas van Kesteren from the Netherlands

A calm, reflective piece of music - a little nostalgic valtz, bringing nostalgic feelings and a bit sad, but light vibe - you know what I mean? When something is over, and you are sad about it, but at the same time you treasure the moments of this past and recall them with a smile on your lips.

Gives me chills ;)

8. "Für Lydia"

by THE OHOHOHS from Germany.

Awwwww loved this! This is exactly a music you would like to wake up to - slightly jazzy, fusing with a classical feeling. Very positive, but not in a disturbing way. Like something that gives you energy to survive the day, but doesn't demand much of you - one could listen to this beauty during a breakfast, just seeping the vibe in, or laying on a sunbed catching all the beautiful melody turns it gives to the listener.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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