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MC Piano News: week of 11th of October

Nothing would stop me from listening to some good piano music this week. Leaves are turning yellow and red, sunny days make a swap for a drizzle and fog, and night temperatures are allowing now to store food outside of the house freeing some space in the fridge.

All this feels like a very tender and nice autumn, and the choice of new compositions for Multicolored Piano Playlist on Spotify that I have had this week was amazing.

As always: read on below or dive right into the music here:

1. "Inversness"

by Vanessa Wagner from France

Vanessa Wagner continues her exploration of the post minimalist repertoire at the edge of several styles, between Brian Eno, Bryce Dessner, Nico Mulhy or Caroline Shaw. A project in the form of an invitation to an introspective and luminous journey, where the tone of the acoustic piano resonates with purity and sensuality.

"Inverness" is a rare composition for piano, written by electronic pioneer Suzanne Ciani before diving into the modular world. Wagner’s interpretation is heartfelt, raw and powerful. The piece is taken from the isolated recording sessions that became Vanessa's new album.

2. "Madre Terra" (Mother Earth)

by Lorenzo Profita and Raffaele Pullara from Italy.

This is an instrumental piece composed fpr four hands by Lorenzo Profita and Raffaele Pullara.

Mother Earth is a song that draws inspiration from the atmospheres of the Sicilian hinterland landscapes, from those alleys, those streets, that nature capable of bringing man back into contact with his origins.

3. "Artificial Intelligence"

by Thomas Hewitt Jones from the UK

A very cool new track from Thomas's latest album featuring epic cinematic orchestral music.

4. "Walk with Me"

by Melany Thompson from Australia

Walk with Me was written during the latest lockdown when for a long time one of the only reasons we were permitted to leave our home was to exercise outside with one other person. This is a calm and hopeful piano piece, inspired by human connection and the many walks I enjoyed with people during that difficult time.

Melany Thompson is a pianist and composer from Sydney, Australia. Classically trained as a child from the age of 4, Melany had the honour of performing at the famous Sydney Opera House at the age of 12 and started writing her own music soon after. Melany has returned to her passion later in life, recording her debut album 'Memories of Home' in 2019. Described as 'hauntingly beautiful', her music is moody, evocative and serene.

5. "Look at the Moon"

by FRIEDRICH from Italy

Born in the mists, where the outlines are never defined. The only hill, far away, is the moon. The breath of the river that becomes and shapes, that drags sounds, perhaps that was the first approach to music. Then it was a crescendo of white and black vortices. Travel and Faces, Piano and Forte. In constant listening and research, he sees no boundaries.

The Moon as an escape, an imaginary hill to reach, a better point of view for the eyes and for the heart.

6. "La espera" (Hope)

by Laura Veyker from Spain

"La espera" is a song that is divided into two parts.

The first, written in a minor key, speaks of the uncertainty that invades us in the waiting times, minute by minute, day after day, that sometimes walks slowly.

And the second part, written in a major key, talks about the feeling that invades us when we realize that the goal is nothing more than living the path consciously, with stillness and gratitude.

Living and breathing music since her childhood, she is a pianist, composer, producer and DJ, as a lover of underground electronic music she is a regular on the Alicante and Madrid scene.

A converted lawyer, she discovered her true vocation as an Ashtanga Yoga teacher and meditation, so since then, it has been the Leitmotiv of her work and she will not betray it, because if Laura has discovered something, it is to be faithful to herself , is the first step towards success.

7. "Collision"

by David Gill from the US.

This song is about the complexity and beauty of being human. For all of us, life isn’t a linear journey. It’s a collision of every storm and every victory. David worked with amazing string players to add a cinematic element to help capture those dynamics

Composer, songwriter and musician David Gill combines analog synthesizers, tape loops and electronic textures to create ambient piano music that is melancholy yet hopeful.

8. "Moving On"

by David Marlow from Germany

This is the first solo piano single of this artist. The mood is reflective and sad yet also optimistic and looking to the future. It balances between the improvisational feeling but keeping the melodic coherence

British / German musician, conductor, pianist and composer David Marlow loves to blur the lines between different genres and break down boundaries between different musical worlds.

Combining elements of classical music with electronic and synth sounds he creates hybrid atmospheric instrumental soundscapes that are sometimes branded “neoclassical” or “contemporary classical”.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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