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MC Piano News: week 22nd of November

I started this Sunday off creating a new playlist of cozy piano music to listen to while celebrating Christmas and the New Year: the playlist is called "Multicolored Christmas" (or "MC Xmas" for those who like it short), and is already filling up with absolutely mind-blowing carols piano music from all over the world.

Follow the playlist here and prepare for Christmas now ;)

Meanwhile the main Multicolored Piano playlist keeps growing and approaches 3000 followers - people who once fell in love with piano music in all its shapes and forms. I am immensely grateful to all the listeners and I promise there will be more brilliant music coming in it each week.

Let's see what the past week brought us: as always: read on below or dive right into the music here:

1. "Sunshower"

by Peter Belec from Canada.

Originally written on a 100-year-old piano, Sunshower has elements of bitter sweetness that is reminiscent of its namesake. With its cascading section that is similar to the feel of rain coming down, the darker, heavier section mimics the unsteady nature of rainfall and the beautiful finale when the sun comes out at the end.

Peter Belec is a multi-instrumentalist musician based in Edmonton, Alberta, Cana-

da. He primarily works as a professional guitarist, producer, and guitar instructor.

His guitar playing has appeared on over 30 albums since 2003, including Juno win-

ning artists Colin Cripps (of Blue Rodeo fame) and Paul Reddick.

2. "The Light From The Other Side"

by Michael Koch from Germany

This song is the 4th single from Michael Koch and was created while dealing with dying and being born. One realization is that at birth we go through the veil of oblivion.

Sometimes we get a sense of it when we experience deja vu or premonitions and catch a glimpse of the light on the other side of the curtain. The piece describes the feeling of recognizing the veil and the resulting awareness of reincarnation.

Michael Koch is a pianist, composer and producer from Germany.

He loves to create music that moves us into our stories, dreams and consciousness, that finds its way directly into our hearts.

After many years writing and producing for other artists, in 2020 he went back to his first instrument-love, the Piano. With Wolfgang Kraus he released the Album Nähe & Weite, where he rediscovered the acoustic purism of the piano, with the clearness and sweetness of an acoustic guitar. The result of their collaboration are very heartfelt and peaceful songs.

In 2020 he was very impressed by the purism of playing piano, so that many pieces were created and will be published in 2021.

3. "Fighting Demons"

by The OhOhOhs from Germany

"Fighting Demons" is one of their rare ballads and now appears on our new EP "From the archives: Land of Gold". As a studio version the track will be released on all streaming services and additionally a live version will be released on our YouTube channel on 29.11.2021.

There is always a demon to fight, be it within yourself or as an influence from outside. Certainly, more so than ever in this day and age. If you face this battle and win, in the end it will be reconciliatory and harmonious again. At least for a while...

4. "Whisper"

by GéNIA from the UK

GéNIA’s composition ‘Whisper’ was inspired by her summer travels in the south of France.

Surrounded by breath-taking beauty, ranging from sunrise to sunset, sea views, gorgeous skies, beautiful plants and flowers, this composition represents the composer’s inner state in this environment.

5. "Soul Destination"

by MDJ Matthias De Jaeger from Belgium

"Soul Destination" is a peaceful storytelling piano track. A melancholic mix between sweet memories and faded future. Very very beautiful music.

But who is MDJ Mathias De Jaeger? Let's ask him this question: who are you?

I 'm MDJ - Matthias De Jaeger. A pianist and composer living in Ghent (Belgium).

I compose and perform romantic, peaceful, and filmic piano songs telling a story.

I also create my own artwork & videoclips.

Thank you Matthias ;)

6. "Gabriella"

by Andrea Vanzo from Italy

Andrea says: This piece is dedicated to a very special person in my life and talks about love, memories and a time when reason was not important. The piece is quiet, peaceful, emotional and melancholic. It's perfect for relaxing, meditation and for studying background.

Andrea Vanzo is a musician and film composer. Music has always been a catalyst for him: an expression of emotions and profound states of being especially in the fascinating world of cinema and theatre, where he finds his ideal artistic dimension.

He wrote the music for several theatral plays and award-winning short films, obtaining the “Best Soundtrack” award at the international shortfilm festival CortoLovere for “Shame and glasses”.

In 2016, he composed the jingle for the advertisement “E’ tutto un quiz” for National Italian TV (RAI Pubblicità Air) and thanks to his collaboration with the singer and actress Matilda De Angelis, a song they have composed has been included in the TV drama “Tutto può succedere” – Italian remake of “Parenthood” – on RAI 1.

In 2020 he received the first prize at the Central European International String Quartet with the opera "Wires" for string quartet.

7. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Hugh Martin Cover)"

by Ros Gilman from the UK.

Recorded in London and released on Gilman’s indie label Guiro Music Ltd, „Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas“ marks the first released single, where Ros Gilman himself recorded both the piano and the violin.

„Recording both instruments was a joy. I first created and recorded the piano part, then the violin part. Playing the violin, knowing I’m basically accompanying myself at the same time, was great fun.” Gilman said.

„Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas“, originally written by Hugh Martin with lyrics by Ralph Blane was first introduced to the world by Judy Garland in the famous musical Meet Me in St. Louise in 1944, later to be turned into a Christmas classic by Frank Sinatra’s re-recording in 1948.

“I absolutely love this particular Christmas song. So many wonderful recordings of it have been made over the years and I often find myself listening to them not just during the festive season, but at any given time of the year.” Gilman ads.

8. "Northern Dancer"

by Michael Janzen from Canada

Mike says:

"Growing up in the Canadian Prairies, I would often witness the Northern Lights: the dancing Aura Borealis. One frigid night, transfixed by the pulsing lights, I was enveloped in a sense of peaceful being and wonder. This song recreates that angelic morphing and shifting, that transcendent peace."

9. "Someday, Somewhere"

by Mark W Griffiths from the UK

Mark was born in the North East of England. He was taught piano by his father, William Griffiths at an early age. Bill was also a pianist and passed on a gift to Mark which was to become very personal and life changing!

Mark studied music at Huddersfield and Manchester Metropolitan University. Over the years he has performed in a wide range of venues both as soloist and accompanist.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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