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MC Piano News: week 20th of December

Now I have a very good reason to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas (which happened yesterday) and a fantastic New Year celebration (coming next week).

A small reminder: if you are planning to play some calm cozy music during your gatherings with friends and family, I have created the "Multicolored Christmas" playlist with exactly this thought in mind, so follow and listen to the playlist here

This is going to be the last MC Piano news in 2021, and despite the holidays period, a lot of pianists are still releasing their year end compositions. Let's hear them out: as always read on below or dive right into the music here:

1. "Sakna" ("Missing")

by Klaus Sahm from Germany.

“Sakna” is Klaus' most personal release to date. The song deals with losses in every form: the loss of someone who may still be there, the loss of a feeling or the loss of a friendship.

Sometimes hope still shines through, but in the end you have to deal with the initial feeling and the sadness. "Sakna" is swedish for "missing". The Artwork was made on a lonely trip to Norway.

Klaus Sahm has been working as a musical director and songwriter collaborating with other artists for years but never released any music by himself - until now.

His first Single "Isolement", an immersive and slow 9-min impression of how he sounds when no one is around, was released in 2020.

It was recorded at night, it is improvised, it captures the moment of thoughts transforming into music.

"maybe this piece of music can calm you down, help you fall asleep, make you feel less anxious in difficult times or do anything you'd expect music to do. because that's why i listen to music - it moves me"

The piece „Dépaysement“, which follows the French saying to „feel like a fish out of water“ has been released in June.

„Finalement“ is the latest of three Songs, that connect in terms of sound and visuals.

2. "Destiny"

by Thomas Lehmkühler from Germany

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

We have to be there for the weakest.

We could be so happy without leaving anyone behind.

Even in harder times we must stay in control. We are all human.

Everyone has their own destiny.

Thomas Lehmkühler is an experienced producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who won over the judges of the 2020 German Songwriting Awards with his melancholic but hopeful piano piece 'VIRUS'

3. "Allusive Actuality"

by ILya Grebenyuk from Russia

This minimal neoclassical track is so subtle and gentle, that stays completely in the background, almost like an underscore. A kind of unobtrusive, slow, ambient, atmospheric neoclassical music with low energy and attention levels, and with neutral, indifferent mood. Recorded with a modified piano.

4. "Solitude"

by Claire Bigley from the US

"This song came from a deep place of acclimating the past couple of years. The uncertainty, challenge, and grief we have all had to experience has shaped us in ways that we are just beginning to realize. I've simply wanted to go within and this track is the musical expression of that experience for me. I feel like the winter solstice is the perfect to release :-) Thanks for listening!! - Claire"

A newcomer to the New Age Piano genre, Claire's music is created with the intention of calming, empowering, and nourishing the listener. Pianistic and improvisational in nature, each track is a one of a kind in musical flow.

5. "Quiet Times"

by Miriam Barthez from Spain

'Quiet Times' is the third single from Spanish Piano composer Miriam Barthez.

Miriam Barthez is a peaceful piano composer from Seville in Spain. She is a member of the Piano Collective, a group of like minded musicians from around the world who share a love of peaceful piano music.

6. "You Know"

by Jordi Forniés from Spain

Jordi says:

"You Know is my first ambient track, an evolution of the piano track Who Knows? released previously. This track shows the diversity of my interest as a composer. Looking always for additional sounds and moving from classical music to more experimental sounds. Still keeping the calm aspect of the original piece. Hope you like it. Jordi"

Jordi Forniés is a Spanish musician, composer, and visual artist based in Singapore. His works are characterised by a continuum between tender overarching refrains and defined sequences with increasing momentum.

Always contemplative and expansive in nature, his compositions draw on neoclassical and ambient electronic music. Forniés composes for piano, strings, and small ensembles, working with studio recordings alongside electronic elements.

7. "Lake of Peace"

by Gavia from Italy.

Lake of Peace is the latest single from Gavia, a "relaxing music artist" who uses electric and acoustic guitars mixed with piano and other electronic elements to create dreamy atmospheres.

8. "Momentum"

by Jordane Tumarinson from France

Momentum" is the 4th single from the album "Odyssée". This chapter of the album is about the evolution of relationships after a crisis.

A very passionate and prolific artist, french pianist and composer Jordane Tumarinson has produced no less than 5 original albums between 2018 and 2020 as well as numerous singles. His compositions are either misty, either rythmic, always refined and are met with great interest on streaming platforms early on without any particular communication or professional entourage. His title "Morphée" is a true success and surpasses 11M streams to date while his album "L'Envol" paved his way to european labels.

Forged around themes most important to him, Tumarinson's compositions are thought as coherent emotionnal storylines, navigating freely between neoclassical and romantic contemporary repertoire.

Highly influenced by nature in his life and in his art, Tumarinson also carries the ambitious "Uto'pians" project ; a compilation that aims to invite many composers around the world every year and which benefits non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental protection.

Now signed on the independent record label naïve, Tumarinson is expected to release his 6th album "Odyssée" in march 2022.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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