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MC Piano: compositions week of 23rd of August

Arrrright, another beautiful week which happened just before going back to school, before seeing the trees turn orange, and autumn slush filling up our shoes... here goes the Music

As always: read on below or dive right into the music here:

1. "Dream Chasers, Vol. 3 - Piano Mist"

by Various Artists released under the Yellow Rose label

Yellow Rose releases the new compilation album Dream Chasers, Vol. 3 - Piano Mist.

It's one of their biggest projects so far and it features some very cool artists and pianists from around the world!

You can listen to the whole compilation here , while selected tracks are added to Multicolored Piano playlist, too

2. "Silver Light"

by Michael Logozar from the United States.

A gentle and melancholy piano and live string track.

Michael Logozar is a Canadian born composer and producer based in the Nashville, TN area. He is a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist whose work spans a broad range of cinematic and focus music including modern and post classical, ambient, minimal and post rock

3. "Another Chance"

by Jennifer Bowman from the United States

This piece is part of a larger collection called "Collage" which consists of 5 piano solo pieces.

Jennifer says:

"It was written by reading and listening to hundreds of stories about people's journeys to sobriety from various addictions during my own personal journey deciding to lead an alcohol-free lifestyle.

I was so inspired by those people who gave themselves "Another Chance" as well as wanting to remember those in my own life who may deserve "Another Chance." It is a lyrical piece in the key of Db, which is the key of so many of my favorite classical pieces."

4. "Fort St. James"

by Alstad from Canada

Fort St. James” is the latest release by Alstad and was inspired by a little town in central British Columbia where he spent his first 6 years of life.

Although the memories are sparse, there is a magical nostalgia that always accompanies thoughts of the town; the old mill where many of his friends’ parents worked, David Hoy Elementary school where he attended kindergarten and grade 1, the park across the street with the new slide that was too high for him to go down (as per his mother’s strict instructions). Fort St. James was a beautiful, rugged and wonder-full town to spend the first years of life.

5. "sundaymourning"

by ÜUCE from the United States!

This song is the second movement in a series highlighting the story of a fallen soldier in an unknown war and the family that is left behind. It echoes the first movement in a more somber tone featuring a felt piano, strings, and horns.

6. "The Open Book"

by Jordi Forniés from Spain.

Jordi says:

"Because I could not illustrate our story, this piece did it for me. A book that treasures all the amazing moments of our life together, and that has many empty pages to continue writing.

My new single 'The Open Book' talks about all these moments of a shared life, the sweet and the difficult ones and how it's important to be equally open about them.

Hope you like it. Thanks for your support!"

7. "Amor"

by Flavio Lima from Brazil (living in Germany)

A gentle quartet for piano, violin, cello and classical guitar.

The music is very flowing and creates an atmosphere of peace and buoyancy, while also having some interesting "plot twists" in the script.

8. "A little better"

by Luca Patrone from Italy.

Luca is a New composer crossing from piano solos to melodic techno. "A little better" is a simple positive and melancholic piano song, wrote with ❤️

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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