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MC Piano: compositions week of 16th of August

MC Piano keeps on pumping you with the abundance of neoclassical music in the world. And these days we are quickly approaching September - musicians are coming back from holidays with new ideas, melodies, formats and all other wonders.

As always: read on below or dive right into the music here:

1. "Iceland"

by Freigefyhl and Artem Lauk from Germany

Iceland is a dark and melancholic expression of feelings and thinking about the "far away". Rough nature meets deep thoughts. The icy wastelands show us the mortality of life. As they turn into a green and water-rich paradise in spring, they show us the beginning of life.

The song is a collaboration between neoclassical pianist Freigefyhl and ambient musician Artem Lauk. They never met, they sent ideas and files through the internet. The result is an atmospheric soundtrack-like piece, that contains elements of both of their genres.

2. "Hope"

by Lucente Skye from the United States.

"Hope" is the 3rd song in a set of 3 piano songs called "Memory," "Now" and "Hope."

Lucente hopes that these songs will help people facing any sort of transition, to feel at peace and reflective. Each song was recorded on her at-home felt piano, with professional mics and engineering.

3. "Travel"

by Domenico Quaceci from Italy

Domenico said: "This is an happy piano song. it's a Travel of the notes on the different keys, follow the mood of an imaginary travel: Happy, scary, Funny, Melancholy. Hope you enjoy!"

4. "Nga's Nightingale"

by Robert Amacker from the United States.

Nga's Nightingale is a love story that tells the story of a lady from Vietnam named Nga, who endured a very traumatic childhood. The first part of the music represents that slow journey. The second part of the composition and after represents her falling in love and moving to America, where she'll now be celebrating her 30th year Anniversary!

5. "Momentum"

by Jakob Eisenbach from Switzerland!

This original composition for string quartet, piano and electronics was recorded and produced by Jakob Eisenbach and the ensemble "ExperiArtus" from Switzerland.

It covers a variety of string techniques, that are unusual in common, popular string music, but is still accessible to many listeners. The emotion behind this music was to give a listener "momentum" in their day.

6. "Odessa 4am"

by Scott Twynholm from the UK.

The second track off the upcoming album Tekstura. Another heartfelt, emotive piano ballad written and recorded from within an old factory in Scott's hometown Glasgow, Scotland. Arguably the most emotional track off the album, filled with thought and beauty.

7. "Sunday Morning"

by Ros Gilman from the UK

Sunday Morning is a gentle and calm solo-piano piece..

Now a multi-award-winning composer and multi-nominated songwriter, Ros Gilman began his musical journey at just five years old, as a student of the renown Gnessin Music School. A successful career as a violinist followed, which saw him perform across three continents, making multiple appearances on national TV and radio. Later, he was made second leader of the internationally esteemed European Philharmonic Orchestra.

However, a sudden hand-injury forced Gilman to give up his life as a concert musician. Having the dream of continuing to bring music to people, he fought his way back to his passion, reinventing himself as a composer, songwriter and music producer.

As a composer Ros has worked on projects in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Russia and Austria. His work has earned him the Audience Award for Best Music at the "British Animation Film Festival", the Aphrodite Film Award in New York as well as several industry nominations.

8. "By Any Other Name"

by Ryan Kearsey from the UK.

'By Any Other Name' is the second single release for Ryan Kearsey prior to a full album release later this year.

This song started life a piano solo with the theme of love and reflection and it then developed to include a counter string part. During the composition, Ryan had the word 'Rose' in his head but he felt this would be too generic as a title. So he decided to use a quote from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet instead as a more subtle reference to that word.

After its recording, the composition was mixed by Grammy Award Winning engineer, Geoff Foster who regularly works with the likes of Hans Zimmer and Craig Armstrong.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday to everyone! andrei

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