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MC Piano: compositions week of 09th of August

MC Piano is back from holidays ready to indulge into the new neoclassical music consumption. And the week has not disappointed: there are truly incredible gems of music I am bringing today to you. Read on below or dive right into the music here:

1. "And I Love Her"

by Andrei Poliakov (me again) from Switzerland

I started playing piano when I was 4 years old, influenced and greatly helped by my parents.

At 11 I began composing, once I had discovered astonishing music of The Beatles and fallen in love with their Art, and this passion of mine continues to these days.

It is only now that I came to dare and interpret one of their classical tunes – “And I Love Her”, played on a felted piano and accompanied with soft nostalgic synths.

I feel very humbled yet excited, as this interpretation is very personal to me, alluding to my very early memories from the childhood, evoking nostalgy for the sweetest moments of my life.

Give it a spin on any streaming platform or YouTube:

2. "Embracing"

by Steven Weber from the United States.

A gentle, delicate, reflective, melody-driven neoclassical piano piece with an undulating left hand accompaniment.

Steven is a published composer, international performer, professor. He composes and creates music in a variety of genres: cinematic, ambient, new classical, orchestral, minimalist, electronic

3. "Without Wind Or Tide" by David Arkenstone from the United States

Multi-GRAMMY-nominated instrumentalist & composer delivers another classical crossover with movement and adventurous playfulness.

It features strings and atmospheric piano with a minimal rhythmic constancy. This tranquil soundtrack can help you relax and escape when you most need it.

”The title was inspired to borrow part of a Jules Verne quote where he imagines things eventually being attracted to each other with no outside influence - only time". - Arkenstone.

4. "Breathe"

by Sacha Hoedemaker from the Netherlands.

On the Dutch beach, Emmy-Award winning composer Sacha was inspired by the ebb and flow of the wind. As he was meditating, the feeling of that day came back and the melody wrote itself. Breathe is an homage to the dichotomy of being in and out of control by meditating.

Over the past 18 months, there have been so many different meanings to a sentence so simple... Gasping for air. A sigh of relief. A deep inhalation after an emotional period. An exhale after a moment of stress.

I can't make you breathe a certain way. What I can do is provide the soundtrack in which your breath sustains.

Every breath is different, let this piece guide you as you catch your breath. Hold your breath. Let it out.

As always, stay positive and be kind. Don't deprive others from taking it. ❤

5. "Starry Night"

by SØLYS from Canada

"Starry Night" by Hamilton, Canada-based composer and multi-instrumentalist SØLYS (Michael Chambers) is an atmospheric, minimalist piano piece. Imagine sitting under the stars on a warm August night.

The simple, comforting piano track is an ode to the wonder of the stars. It’s the perfect backdrop for sleep, meditation or deep concentration.

Warm August nights are one of my favourite times of year. When composing “Starry Night” I was thinking of the fresh air on a late summer night surrounded by the faint sound of crickets chirping, and a sky full of stars above. I grew up in the country away from the bright city lights, and the stars where always magnificent on a clear night. I hope this track brings you somewhere warm and comforting too. –Michael aka SØLYS

6. "Night Waltz"

by Alexander Kondrashov from Russia.

Summer night. Dreams. Falling stars. Memories. Happy sadness.

"I recorded this track at my country house, watching the stars falling. This is 1 of 4 stories about the sun in my EP."

Night is wonderful.

7. "Fallen Sun"

by Juliano from Germany and Eric Heitmann from the United States.

Fallen Sun is story of sorrow, hope, and a journey across the stars, as a civilization searches for a new home.

This song was created in collaboration with the wonderful ambient and cinematic composer Eric Heitmann.

by Dan Schrage from the United States.

9. "The Journey"

by Lee Michael Walton from the UK.

This instrumental piece was recorded on the Fazioli grand piano at Fieldgate Studios and mastered at Abbey Road Studios. It is a reflective piece, from the album The Beginning Is Here.

9. "Lever De Soleil"

by GéNIA from the UK.

‘Lever de Soleil’ was inspired by GéNIA’s summer experience when she stayed in Nice, by the sea. Every morning, she would get up and go to meet the sunrise. She was basking in a summer light and that sensation continued to stay with her for the rest of the day, stimulating her to write beautiful music. In this composition she has tried to convey the feeling of warmth and lightness of the sunrise, which is especially particular of the French sun. This is a finial composition from the EP ‘Voyage Frances’.

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday evening to everyone! andrei

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