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MC Piano: compositions week of 05th of July

All the true gems of the modern piano music: read further on or dive right into the music:

1. "Remembering Love"

by Claudio Constantini from Spain

"Remembering Love" is a melancholic and nostalgic piano piece from a suite titled "Mind Wanderings."

Claudio Constantini has released 6 albums. This piece is part of his 7th release which is a series of 5 Ep´s called Piano Cosmos. His 5th solo album earned him a Latin Grammy nomination (best classical album) and his 6th album won a Global Music Award in 2021.

2. "Quiet Streams"

by Jordi Forniés from the UK.

Quiet Streams

Across my mind the landscape listens

A day at the limit of my dream

Reaches his wandering to my eyes!

3. "Zwei Schritte vor, einer zurück" (two steps forward, one backward)

by Michael Koch from Germany

"Zwei Schritte vor, einer zurück" is the second single release of a German pianist and producer Michael Koch. This solo piano track symbolizes the way we learn: 2 steps forward, one step back. If we understand that, it can give us the courage to move on, to get up again knowing that we can always make progress.

4. "The Last Lullaby"

by Igor Longhi from Italy.

"... The music flowed out of my fingers after reading about the umpteenth shipwreck of migrants with children on board. Imagining the fear they could feel in those moments, I wanted to dedicate one last lullaby to them, to soothe their souls in the last, eternal, sleep..."

5. "One Last Glance"

by Invadable Harmony from Morocco and Roxane Genot from France.

One Last Glance is the first collaboration between these two talented artists.

As the title subtly suggests, it was inspired by the tragic Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. It starts with a dark piano line and a melancholic cello texture heard from afar, repeated like a lament and evoking echoes from Earthly memories. The cello thickens up to become one with the piano, symbolizing Orpheus getting closer to Eurydice. A tempo change marks the fatal moment Orpheus takes a last glance at her and loses her forever.

6. "Endless First Kiss"

by Karl Hugo from Canada.

What if you could live an entire existence in the moment of a first kiss?

Launched on the International Kissing Day, July 6, "Endless First Kiss" is an ardent piano and cello duet composed and performed by Karl Hugo. It is a passionate sequel to Your Last Kiss, which was created for figure skating champion Shoma Uno.

7. "Néoréalité"

by Steve Barakatt from Canada.

“Néoréalité is about creating a parallel world. The situation of great social changes was ideal for me to be alone at the piano and create with authenticity. The creative process for Néoréalité was like a long journey into the land of imagination. A quest for purpose,” says Steve Barakatt.

An award-winning composer and pianist Steve Barakatt unveils his 10th album, Néoréalité. After a career spanning more than 30 years, 5 million albums sold and over 500 concerts on five continents, the artist introduces a new musical universe. Alone at the piano, recorded in the intimacy of his studio in Old Quebec, Steve Barakatt’s work lulls and transports us in music and images through a powerfully moving musical short film.

8. "HeartStrings (Ennio Morricone Tribute)"

by Allen Constantine from Romania.

HeartStrings (Ennio Morricone Tribute)' is released exactly one year after the passing of the great film composer Ennio Morricone – known to be a maestro of connecting human emotions with moving images.

9. "Floating"

by Johan Famaey from Belgium.

"... I was having a walk near the lake and the moon was shining on the water. It gave me inspiration for the melodie of Floating. I also like the idea of not only floating in a boat on the water, but also floating into space to the moon, and having floating thoughts..."

Listen to these and other wonderful piano pieces at Multicolored Piano on Spotify here

Blessings and a good Sunday evening to everyone! andrei

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