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Yes I am a dreamer..


For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, sees the dawn before the rest of the world

Oscar Wilde

About Andrei Poliakov

I tell stories without words playing music on a piano

"...His music sounds like nothing else, being one big potpourri of styles and atmospheres: and this music is beautiful..."

"...You'd think you’re listening to a nice and easy, romantic piece, but all of a sudden it transforms right into an exciting house party; an electronic music from the seventies can easily morph with a warm classical followup..."

"...Who dares to jump from the 80’s house beat right into a nice jazz-combo feel? Well, here you will find this, that’s for sure. You will never get bored by what you are listening to… you simply can’t escape..."


Andrei is a classically trained pianist with a rich background in rock and pop music.

This project relates his life experiences and his passion for pure musical art, not tainted with any commercial agenda. He simply pictures the world as it it - in its ugliness and in its beauty.



"...Lend me your ears, lend me your eyes (and sprinkle your smiles with your tears). Come close, feel odd, one dose = one shot. I’ll have a beer and a bread and a ham.. ‘Cause I am not who you think I am ..."

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