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Demo version of the solo piano EP by Andrei Poliakov coming early spring 2022: includes not mastered versions of the tracks & provisional / inspirational artworks


This album is dedicated to the emotions and feelings that we experience as we connect remotely to the people we love, treasure, and miss so much

It consists of 4 solo contemporary classical piano pieces, recorded on a felted piano.

Moods / style: neoclassical, nostalgic, calm, solo felted piano, ambient, modern classical, instrumental

Remote connections: mood board


... what is the true value of our feelings?

travelling with someone you love around incredibly beautiful places in this world, finding the true and unconditional love to each other?

staying with your parents during a quiet evening, having a glass of wine together, unhurriedly chatting away, looking into their eyes?

bumping into the old friends in the street, catching up on weekend plans or sharing a big idea you’re having?

finding yourself in the right place at the right time, giving someone a missing piece of information or helping a stranger all of a sudden and then becoming lifelong friends?

2 years ago, we did not realize how much these small events, minute conversations, and instant interactions meant for us. We had to cut them all down and we have moved to remote connections ever since.

This music is inspired by being in the lock-out and is dedicated to all people dear to me that I have been missing so greatly.

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