La Promenade in Paris

11th of December 2020

La Promenade in Paris

The new release by Andrei Poliakov, dedicated to the city of Paris –

the city of love, romance, adventures, and fun

11th of December 2020

The first instrumental work of the release is called “La Promenade in Paris in the Moonlight”. It is featuring a solo piano work, depicting a nocturnal vibe of the city: mystical and sensual, yet somewhat cheeky and mischievous at the same time...

Listen here

... the music is taking a listener on a lonely walk during the night across Paris under the shine of the Moon: moving from the quiet beauty of sleepy side streets into the lively area of Montmartre, walking past the grandiose Le Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, enjoying peaceful splashes of cozy water at the shores of Seine, diverting to the Centre Pompidou to embrace the craziness of diverse crowds out there during the night.

This promenade is evoking certain nostalgic feelings, as music is fusing jazz and neoclassical styles. The inspiration for this release came from the movie “Midnight in Paris” and helped Andrei relive his own memories and experience impressions from countless visits to this city.

In January 2021 Andrei will follow up with the second track of the release

"La Promenade in Paris in the Sunshine" - a cheeky and romantic tune, featuring an array of various instruments, built on the same motive yet depicting sunny Paris. Listen to this tune now

Listen here

La Promenade in Paris will become a part of Andrei's live album "Moonlight and Sunshine".

Find out more about the album:

Composition, recording, arrangement

 Andrei Poliakov

Born in St Petersburg, Russia, Andrei graduated from the St Petersburg Conservatory and continued his musical carrier playing in many renowned classical orchestras and rock bands. His main passion and the instrument he has been with for all his life is piano. Andrei lives in Switzerland, Geneva

Mixing, sound design

Wouter Kronenberg


Bass-player, singer, sound producer from the Netherlands. 30 years of stage experience brought together in just one set of ears: from very intimate singer-songwriters songs to the most challenging orchestral arrangements


Natalia Osenchakova


The magnificent artworks for the release have been generously provided by Natalia Osenchakova, a very talented artist and pianist from Hamburg, Germany

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